Dude, I'm making a news post >.<

I figured I should actually use the "News" section on my friendly little site, so here's da news! :

I'll be finishing up with posting ESC chapter 3 on Smack Jeeves sporadically. I've had it up on deviantART and Youtube for a while, but I forgot to put it up here. I've started working on chapter 4 (working on the first five pages right now). After finishing chapter 4 I'll continue into chapter 5. After chapter 5 I want to go back and redraw the first chapter and a lot of chapter 2 to try to reach a better finished product if I ever wanted to publish :D So that's what I'm doing with that. I recently got 100 subscribers on Youtube, so I've also begun a 100 subscriber thank you drawing and I'm also working on a logo for ESC. Should be fun enough :D I hope you guys like the comic so far. Any questions related to the storyline, individual pages, helping with story, etc. are completely welcome. You can private message me or just leave a comment.

posted by aoiyoru @ May 30th, 2010, 9:32 pm   1 comments

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